Pictures of my Korg gear -

[bullet] MS-10


[bullet] MS-10
[bullet] MS-20
[bullet] MS-50
[bullet] MS-50
[bullet] MS-50
[bullet] MS-50
[bullet] SQ-10
[bullet] SQ-10
[bullet] 770 Monophonic
[bullet] 770 Monophonic
[bullet] PS-3100 1
[bullet] PS-3100 2
[bullet] PS-3100 3
[bullet] PS-3100 4
[bullet] PS-3100 5
[bullet] PS-3100 6
  In February 2002, I received an unsolicited email from someone in Barcelona, Spain who had seen this site and wished to offer me his PS-3200 for sale. How could I refuse?! In April, I headed out there from London to check it out, whereupon I bought it and arranged to have it shipped back. Unusually, it came with the rare PS-3040 controller footpedals, which was a real find:
[bullet] PS-3200 1
[bullet] PS-3200 2
[bullet] PS-3040
  The PS-3100 and Fenix modular:
[bullet] Fenix 1
[bullet] Fenix 2
[bullet] Fenix 3
[bullet] Fenix 4
[bullet] Fenix 5
  The underrated, unpopular and therefore cheap Stage Echo machine. I have the SE-300 as well, which has spring reverb:
[bullet] Stage Echo SE-500 1
[bullet] Stage Echo SE-500 2
  In late 1999, I was the temporary owner of a heavily-modded PS-3200. The pictures below show the modifications (numerous red and white switches and 3.5mm jacks), which, since they were not labelled or documented, effectively rendered the instrument unusable:
[bullet] Old PS-3200 1
[bullet] Old PS-3200 2
[bullet] Old PS-3200 3


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