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1. What you need to know to synthesize sounds
2. How the synthesizer works
 Kinds of signals
 Types of modules
 Connecting modules
3. The modules and their functions
(1) Voltage Controlled Oscillator
(2) Voltage Controlled Filter
(3) Voltage Controlled Amplifier
(4) Envelope Generator - 1
(5) Envelope Generator - 2
(6) Modulation Generator
(7) Adding Amplifier
(8) Voltage Supply
(9) Integrator
(10) Inverter
(11) Voltage Controlled Amplifier
(12) Ring Modulator
(13) Sample And Hold
(14) Noise Generator
(15) Divider
(16) Audio Amplifier
(17) Headphone Amplifier
(18) Trigger Switch
(19) Voltmeter
(20) Junctions
4. Caution
5. Specifications
6. Setting Charts
Synthesizer Sounds
Special Effects
Blank Patch Chart

Introduction ^

Thankyou for choosing a Korg instrument. To get the best sound synthesis results from your new MS-50, please read this owner's manual carefully.

In the following pages you will learn how to use this instrument properly for optimum performance and long-term stability.

WARNING - to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.

1. What you need to know to synthesize sounds ^

2. How the synthesizer works ^

 Kinds of signals
 Types of modules
 Connecting modules

3. The modules and their functions ^

4. Caution ^


Do not connect input signals having a higher voltage than that listed on an input jack. Although all the input jacks listed on the synthesizer panel are equipped with protection circuitry, you should always pay careful attention to the permissable voltage ratings displayed. This will ensure stable and reliable operation. When in doubt, check with the volt meter.


When connecting the output signal from the MS-50 to external equipment, make sure that the input impedance is at least 10kOhms.


Only use the correct AC supply voltage. If the MS-50's power cord is plugged into an AC outlet having 90% or less than the correct voltage, the signal-to-noise ratio will suffer, and the synthesizer modules will not operate with optimum stability. If you have any reason to think that the power supply voltage is too low, have it properly checked before turning on the MS-50's power switch.


Only use standard phone plugs for the input and output jacks.

5. Specifications


Setting Charts ^


Synthesizer Sounds

Special Effects

Blank Patch Chart

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