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1. Introduction
2. Voltage processors
3. Attenuator
4. Examples of ways to use the Korg Foot Controller
5. Specifications

1) Introduction

The universal foot controller for live performance. Equipped with a voltage processor to provide control voltages for all synthesizer modules. Plus, the built-in attenuator is perfect for volume and vibrato depth variation while performing.

Thankyou for choosing the Korg Foot Controller MS-01. The MS-01 is a special type of foot control unit designed to give complete foot control of all synthesizer functions. Besides giving control of each module of the Korg MS-10 and MS-20 synthesizers, this pedal is also equipped with an attenuator so that it can be used to control volume or MG modulation depth.

2) Voltage Processors 

- voltage processors

When you press down on the pedal with your foot, the output voltage will go from 0 ~ +4 or from 0 ~ -4. Choose either the plus or minus output according to your needs. Of course you can also use both the plus and minus outputs at the same time.

3) Attenuator

- attenuator

As the pedal is depressed, the output signal strength increases. In other words, it operates like an ordinary volume pedal.

4) Examples of ways to use the Korg Foot Controller: 

- figure 1

- figure 2

- figure 3

Figure 1:
By connecting the MS-01 voltage processor section to the VCF cut-off frequency input of your synthesizer, you can use the pedal to vary the cut-off frequency.

If you use the plus output, only the upper frequency range will be left when you press the pedal, thus producing a bright sound. On the other hand if you use the minus output, the sound produced when you press the pedal will have a rounded tone quality. The effect is clearer if the VCF cut-off frequency knob is turned down slightly.

Figure 2:
You can use the attenuator section of the MS-01 to control volume. Just connect [the] MS-01 between the MS-10 or another synthesizer's SIGNAL OUT output and your amplifier's input. Pressing down on the pedal will increase the volume.

Figure 3:
Another effective way of using the attenuator section of the MS-01 is to control modulation depth. Connect the MS-01 between the modulation generator output and the VCO FREQ IN input of your synthesizer. Pressing the pedal will vary the depth of the vibrato effect.

5) Specifications

Voltage Processors -
Output voltage: 0 ~ +4V; 0 ~ -4V
Attenuator -
Output: 0 ~ 100%
Power supply: 006P / 9V battery x 1
Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 250 x 60mm
Weight: 0.9kg

- specification charts
- replacing the battery

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