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3) Features and Functions  ^

- guide to features and functions

[one] Log Amp:
This changes a Hz/V type keyboard CV (control voltage) output into an OCT/V type of CV. Use the Log Amp to change the control signal from a Korg or Yamaha synthesizer into a signal you can use with another type of synthesizer.
[two] Antilog Amp:
This changes an OCT/V type of keyboard CV output into a Hz/V type of CV. Use this Antilog Amp when you want to control a Korg synthesizer by means of a unit that uses the OCT/V system.
[three] Adding Amp:
This can be used for mixing control voltage signals or sound signals.
When not plugged into an outlet, the adding amp operates as if -5V and +5V inputs were connected to its two channels. Therefore, depending on how you set up your equipment, you can also use the adding amp as a voltage supply, or to shift a control voltage to a higher or lower value, and so forth.
[four] Trigger Processor:
This lets you change either type of trigger signals ([ground 1] or [ground 2]) into the kind of trigger signal you need by means of the Reverse switch.
[five] Junctions:
These are additional jacks for simultaneous control of a number of synthesizer units or modules (VCO, VCF, VCA, EG, MG, etc.).

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