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1) Introduction and features
2) Features and Functions
3) Changing batteries
4) Precautions
5) Connections
6) Specifications

1) Introduction and features  ^

"Simultaneous VCO and VCF modulation. For full foot pedal control of such modulation effects as vibrato, random pitch, and glissando.

Gives two separate output signals from simultaneous modulated VCO and VCF. Essential for the multi-keyboard performer."

Thankyou for choosing the Korg MS-04. To get the most from this versatile modulation pedal please read this manual carefully before use.

The MS-04 is a foot pedal designed to be used with a synthesizer to control various modulation effects. Possible applications include: LFO modulated vibrato, pitch-bend "choke" effects, and sample-and-hold controlled glissando and random note effects. With the MS-04 you have foot control over these and other effects so your hands are free to play the keyboard. The MS-04 can be used with Korg and other synthesizers equipped with external control jacks.

- front and back panel

2) Features and functions  ^

Use this to select one of four LFO output waveforms: Cyclic sawtooth and rectangle waves for vibrato, a random noise waveform for random pitch and tone color variations, and a "glissando" waveform which is used with "bend" for stepped variations.
[two] LFO: SPEED
This knob adjusts the LFO frequency or "speed" of variation. Turn clockwise to increase speed.
[three] LFO: LEVEL
This adjusts the range of LFO variation. Press the pedal all the way down and set this knob to determine maximum variation.
[four] BEND: WIDTH
This adjusts the range of (pitch) bend variation. Turn clockwise (+) away from the center click-stop for an upwards bend; turn counter clockwise (-) for a downward bend.
Press the pedal all the way down and set this knob to determine maximum variation.
[five] LED indicator
This flashes on and off to indicate LFO speed when cords are plugged into output jacks. Useful for judging speed of vibrato, glissando and other effects.
[six] Pedal
Controls depth of modulation. Press all the way down for maximum modulation effect.
[seven] OUTPUT-1 Mode Selector
Use to select output mode for OUTPUT-1 jack. Can be set for LFO, BEND or a combination of the two.
[eight] OUTPUT-1 (x 1) jack
This is usually connected to the synthesizer VCO (FM IN) to control pitch variation. A maximum 1-octave variation is possible (+-1V maximum variation.)
[nine] OUTPUT-2 Mode Selector
Selects output mode for OUTPUT-2 jack.
[ten] OUTPUT-2 (x 4)
This is usually connected to the synthesizer VCF (fcM IN) to control tone color variation. Maximum variation is four times that of OUTPUT-1 (+-4V maximum variation.)
[eleven] Output Selector
This determines which jacks will provide an output signal. It can be set for both outputs 1 and 2 together, or for just output 1 or just output 2 alone.

3) Changing Batteries  ^

To preserve battery life, unplug cords from jacks after use. When the batteries become weak, take off the four rubber feet on the bottom of the unit and replace the batteries. Two 9V 006P batteries are required. To prevent malfunction, do not touch other internal parts while changing batteries.

4) Precautions  ^

The MS-04 is for use with synthesizers exclusively. It cannot be used to control other electronic instruments such as electronic organs or strings.
Only use guitar cord type plugs in the output jacks.
This unit runs on batteries, so unplug cords from jacks when not in use. Remove batteries if not using the unit for extended periods of time.

5) Connections  ^

1) For vibrato, random pitch, and glissando

Example 1 - MS-04 used to apply vibrato to MS-20:

- applying vibrato to an MS-20

Example 2 - MS-04 used to apply vibrato to X-911:

- applying vibrato to an X-911

Set the MS-04 waveform selector to [ms04 triangle wave] for ordinary vibrato. At you will get a sharper high/low pitch variation. At RANDOM, there will be an irregular (random note) pitch variation. GLISSANDO will produce a stepped (rising or falling) pitch variation.

2) For pitch bends

Use the same connection for pitch bends, but set the OUTPUT-1 mode selector to "BEND". Adjust the WIDTH knob to control how high or low the pitch will bend. Using OUTPUT-1, a maximum 1-octave pitch bend is possible; OUTPUT-2 can provide a maximum 4-octave change in pitch.
If you set the output mode selector to "LFO + BEND", you can get a combination of vibrato and pitch bend effects at the same time.

3) For wah-wah and auto-wah effects

Example 3 - MS-04 used to control MS-20 LPF fc (lowpass filter cutoff frequency) for auto-wah effect:

- controlling MS-20 LPF fc

Example 4 - MS-04 used to apply wah-wah effect to X-911 synthe-sound:

- applying wah-wah effect to an X-911

6) Specifications  ^

1.  LFO [bullet]  Mode: ([ms04 triangle wave], [ms04 square wave], RANDOM, GLISSANDO)
[bullet]  Speed (0.3~14Hz)
[bullet]  Level (OUT-1: [ms04 triangle wave]=1~+1V, [ms04 square wave]=0<>+1V,
 RANDOM=-1~+1V, GLISSANDO=0>+-1V, OUT-2: OUT-1 x 4)
2.  BEND [bullet]  Width (OUT-1: -1~0~+1V, OUT-2: OUT-1 x 4)
3.  OUTPUT [bullet]  OUT-1 (x 1)
[bullet]  OUT-2 (x 4)
[bullet]  Selector x 2 (LFO, LFO + BEND, BEND)
[bullet]  OUTPUT SWITCH (1, 1 + 2, 2)
4.  Dimensions [bullet]  100(W) x 60(H) x 250(D) mm
5.  Weight [bullet]  0.9kg
6.  Batteries [bullet]  006P x 2, +-9V
 7.  Accessories [bullet]  Batteries (006P) x 2

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