Synthesizer-related links - last updated 11 February 2018^

[socket] Sound On Sound MS-10 Retro feature [socket] Sound On Sound MS-20 Retro feature
[socket] Sound On Sound PS Series Retro feature   [socket] Sound On Sound Korg Family Retro feature
[socket] The Korg Lambda ES-50   [socket] Electronic Battle - synth documents
[socket] Online patch librarian for the Korg MS-20  [socket] Korg pages on Sonic State
[socket] EMS (Electronic Music Studios) [socket] Synth Repair Services, UK
[socket] Korg Sound Makeup museum [socket] Aliens Project Toy Of The Month
[socket] The Rhodes Chroma site  [socket] Oakley Sound Systems
[socket] Analogue Systems - Home of the RS Integrator [socket] 1970's/80's synthesizer catalogues (mainly in Japanese)
[socket] Great Synthesizers   [socket] Arturia 
[socket] Korg Forums   [socket] Analogia from Poland
[socket] Wendy Carlos   [socket] Studio Electronics 
[socket] Isao Tomita - Sound Creature   [socket] EBoardmuseum
[socket] Vintage Synth Explorer   [socket] Synthesis Technology - home of the MOTM Analog Modular Synthesizer
[socket] Analogue Heaven Archives   [socket] Rob Papen
[socket] Kevin Lightner's Synthfool   [socket] GForce Software  
[socket] Synthesizers.com [socket] Buchla & Associates
[socket] Synth Secrets : Introducing Polyphony [socket] Sound On Sound magazine
[socket] Modular Synth.com  [socket] Harmony Central
[socket] Analogue Haven [socket] Dave Smith Instruments
[socket] Korg original prices in Yen [socket] Russian Analogue Synths
[socket] Tom Oberheim [socket] Moog Archives
[socket] Doepfer Germany   [socket] Synthzone
[socket] Olivier Grall's homepage [socket] Moog Music

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