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Police siren (U.S.A.)  ^

With VCO-1 and VCO-2, it sounds like two patrol cars.
The key to this effect is the use of the MG sawtooth waveform.

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Storm  ^

The wind blows when you hit a key. Press the Momentary switch for thunder.
Turn up the volume for realism.

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Laser gun  ^

Hit one key after another.
If you keep a key depressed, the sound will be shorter.

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Dive bombing  ^

After playing the further key from the right, depress the momentary switch.
Release the switch as soon as the bomb explodes.

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Chime  ^

Change the chime effect by varying the pitch difference of VCO-2.

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Falling star  ^

The self-oscillating VC HPF is used as the sound source.
The MG and EG-2 vary the oscillation to give the falling effect.

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